Thursday, February 08, 2007


I have been thinking about it for a few days and I'm so excited as I finally signed up for the My Word Big Picture Scrapbooking class last night!!! I really can't wait and it now feels so right - like I definitely made the right decision. I guess journaling is something we can all do with improving on and for me it really seems like a good thing to do. So often I find myself thinking about how on earth to write something without it sounding "silly" or "stupid" (or at least worrying that it will do). So I feel really, really excited about this class and I can honestly say ---> I can't wait for it to start!!

We've been recommended either the "Uni Power Tank" or the "Pilot Permaball" pen for the "My Word" class. Anyone know if you can get these in the UK please? Or something similar? I've been doing some searches but I'm pretty much stuck at the moment - so I'd really appreciate some help and advice here please.

...and talking about classes. Today was the second week of Product Playground, so it was time for a new item (or in this case itemS!) to play with. This week it's "frames and corners". Corners will be lots of fun! I like making my own corners from matching cardstock etc so I will have lots of fun playing with that. Now frames is something else...something I don't use very much...and indeed, quite often not really like either. But then I started thinking that a frame doesn't have to be the "typical rectangular" ones we normally associate it with. As long as it's FRAMING something, it has to be a frame no matter what shape it is. And once I thought of this, I really liked the idea. Especially since I discovered how much I enjoyed using my circles yesterday - they can be frames!!

Anyway, I have been sitting here in the snow (well not literally, but it's been snowing outside since nine this morning and still is - sooo cosy!!) working on my first layout for the class using corners. I used Basic Grey and Fancy Pants papers and's pretty much a scraplift from a layout in the "Top Ten" Creating Keepsakes.

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Heather said...

Not had a moment to look at the new class yet (No internet all day!) but I am loving your take on it Anso. I have no idea about those pens. I have a load of Zig pens in various sizes so I am going to stick with that lol!