Friday, January 05, 2007

Need circles... I'm looking into circle punches. But then, after some talk on ScrapPad, I decided to give my circle cutter another go. I have never got on with it. Might have something to do with my cutting mat. It's one of those in three pieces that "snaps" together and I catch the knife on the joins. Also (thanks Kirsty!) I think I have been trying to do it the hard way and move the cutter rather than the paper/card.

So I'm after a new cutting mat and then I will give my circle cutter another go. This time being sure not to move my cutter, but the material instead. Just need to get a new mat now. Have been adviced that Poundland and The Works do some to great prices.

This is the page I made today for the 24th of Dec for my Christmas journal. 24th is THE day of Christmas in Sweden and I wanted to somehow fit the whole day into the page. In the end I came up with the idea of making a rough "timetable" of the day.

It's only short notes of what happens and at what time and might not mean too much to someone outside the family without more information, but at least it's enough for me to sum up the day in a short way together with my memories.


Kat said...

Snap with the 24th!! :) I am not even CLOSE to that date with my circle journal though ... bad kat!!

As for circles - I got 2 new circle punches in December and like them very much!! :)

Glad to see "Donald Duck" being given the time slot as well... ;)

Latharia said...

Love the timetable! Dunno about that Donald Duck thing, though -- that just boggles my mind!