Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I have to confess...

Thanks to Shimelle for a great free class on making a little journal called "I have to confess". I really enjoyed this! I guess it was up to you to make your confessions as "simple" or "deep" as you wanted. At first I was really stuck for my 5 things "to confess". I was thinking about doing a page on that I like the colour green. But then again, that's hardly confessing something, as I think that is pretty obvious to most people. LOL!

So instead of I went for a mixture of things...silly ones (hairbands), kinda obvious ones (Kipling bags) and then maybe a surprising one (Chinese). You can see my pages below.

...and I got my new Banana Frog stamps. Yummy!! I soooo love these stamps. And because of the offer, I got a free binder to hold the stamp sets in - doesn't it just look so great? :)

These are the stamp sets that I got in the post today (it was two separate orders but they both arrived today - so I'm a very happy girl!!):
* Elegant Swirls
* Swirls
* Steelfish Outline Numbers
* Steelfish Outline Alphabet Set, Lowercase
* Pharmacy Large Alphabet Set
* Sewing Kit


Heather said...

Love your journal and your confessions are great. BF stamps are just the best and I too got some cute storage, perfect for them. Hvae fun xx

Guinevere said...

I couldn't resist the BF special offer so I got the storage too!! So cute and will hold 15 sets!!I am so embarressed to admit I have so many that I think I should have made it a confession in Shim's class!!!

MJ said...

OMG that filing system is soo lush, the stamps are gorgeous too, might have to buy them all so I can get the system!!! Love your book too, great HP collection.

MJ xx