Saturday, January 20, 2007

Got the "top 10" issue of Creating Keepsakes this morning. I had been hoping that it would turn up soon. So I'm rather looking forward to browsing through it a bit later.

I have spent most of the morning "arranging" things and taking some photos for Shimelle's free class. I got my photos taken, picked the ones I wanted and I have printed them out. I have even cut out my cardstock for the actual pages. I would very much like to get started right now. But on the other hand I'm waiting for some stickers in the post (and some stamps too actually!) which I really, really want to use....and due to them coming via 2nd class post, I have a feeling they will arrive on Tuesday at the earliest. Typical!! So it's a bit like ---> hrm...what do I do?!? Please tell me what YOU would do...?

...and guess who's tempted to get some more Banana Frog stamps while the sale is still on?! LOL! I shouldn't, but I sooooo want to. So I haven't actually made a final decision yet. I might just go there and browse their site and "see which ones I would pick IF I was buying some more"...

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Pauline said...

You're not the only one who is tempted!!