Saturday, December 23, 2006

Almost there...

Yesterday's prompt was all about what you have got left to do before Christmas. Not that much for us really. Today we're spending tidying and cleaning, ready for the decorating the house and taking in/decorating the tree this afternoon when my sister and brother arrives.

My page is rather simple. I wasn't happy with it but I felt so stuck on how to change it. Maybe it was just one of those days when you can get nothing right when you scrap.

And tomorrow it's Christmas!! Yes the 24th is the day in Sweden when everything is celebrated. You have your special Christmas food, open the presents etc. So today is lots and lots of preparations for it. Later this afternoon mum will make the Christmas ham and we have one lot of Christmas candy to get done still.

I hope you all also feel like you are starting to get Christmas under control now and that you get a stress free and enjoyable holiday!


Kel_eh said...

My husband's family is from Orkney and they celebrate on Christmas Eve too, being closer in many ways to Scandanavia than Scotland. Enjoy!

Kel x

Heather said...

Your page is great, as always hun.
Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Latharia said...

Simple, but pretty!!!!!!!

Lynne.x said...

I like the page, simply perfect.
Merry Christmas.

Chiara said...

so so cool