Friday, December 15, 2006

Birthday preparations...

It's Ross' birthday tomorrow so I have been busy preparing for that. I wrapped the presents yesterday afternoon and wrote the card (made it a few weeks ago when I tested out a new idea for a design). I was VERY lucky with one of the presents. Have been waiting for it to be delivered now for about 2 weeks! Finally got a delivery date yesterday of the 18th (yes Monday and two days too late!!!). But guess what turned up here about an hour ago desipte that info? I'm very happy!!

Also I have baked a birthday cake today! Making a cake is a H-U-G-E problem. Well not the baking, but to make something that I can eat. Unfortunately I have some major intolerances to some very common ingredients (gluten, wheat, dairy products, eggs, almonds etc). Stop and think for a second about ingredients lists on packets and jars and how many foods contain these! It's not easy. Fortunately I can eat oats.

I have not been able to find a SINGLE cake recipe that I can eat and not get ill from afterwards. (I challenge anyone who can, to please - PLEASE - post in in the comments section!!) So it's taken me months to come up with the idea and invent a cake which is wheat, gluten (not counting oats), dairy and egg free. But I have done it - and not only that, but it's really, really nice too!!

Before I go, here's yesterday's page from my Christmas journal. Yet again I have ended up taking a very uneven photo - sorry. The subject of the day was Christmas music. Do you like it? Don't you like it? Any favourites? etc

And a little close-up of my journaling too...

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Janique from Switzerland said...

Hi !

I love all pages of your Christmas Journal and I love glitter too !! ;-))