Friday, November 24, 2006

What a day...'s been. I feel like I have not had time to breathe. Had lots and lots of things to get done before the weekend's two cybercrops as it was anyway. Then BIG problems occured on the Pad forum. Debbie's moved and got no internet access. The problem? She's got half of the stuff for the crop!! Panic!

So I had to spend this morning scrapping as fast as I possibly could to make another class page and get a supply list and instructions written for it. Fortunately it's now done. I have also got all the instructions and photos (18!! Very step-by-step!) done for my "Exploding Box" class and that's been uploaded to a hidden place on the forum now too.

Before I went to bed last night I wrote a long "to do" list of everything I wanted to have done before the UKScrappers crop starts tonight (the ScrapPad one is Saturday only) and I can finally say I have got the list down to 4 things now. So things are starting to feel a little better now.

In the next few days I should - hopefully - have some new layouts to show you which I will be doing during the crops...

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Vikki said...

Oh exploding box. would love those instructions.... any chance please?