Monday, June 01, 2009

West Midlands Safari Park...

We had the most amazing day out at West Midlands Safari park yesterday. The weather was fantastic. Blue sky and sun all day and 25-26 degrees (am I glad we have AC in the car when you drive through the exhibits where you have to have windows closed! LOL!) We set off early and got there when the park open. Queue were already forming at the tills.

We did one lap around the safari park and then stopped for lunch. We'd brought a picnic, yummy sandwiches and lots of chilled drinks. It was heaven sitting there on the blanket in the sun just enjoying the day :)

I'm always very partial to tigers and lions. In fact, cats in general. And I was really looking forward to going to this park (even though we have been before a few years ago) due to the fact that they have some rare WHITE lions...

I took like a million photos yesterday. Well, okay not a million...more like 400 or something and I'm really pleased with how great some of the big cat photos turned out considering they were taken through the car window. :)

Even thought the photo below is by far not the best I took of lions yesterday, it really makes me smile so much as it makes me think of Aslan and Narnia somehow :)

And, apart from the white lions, my other favourite part of the safari drive (or maybe indeed more favourite than the white lions even!) was the part with the WHITE tigers - yay!

We came home pretty tired but so pleased that the day had turned out so great. We ended it with a nice BBQ and plans to go back and visit after the summer as they handed us some free tickets for a return visit when we paid for our entry fee :)

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Kim said...

Gorgeous photos Anso.