Friday, April 24, 2009

Animals + DSi...

Before I go onto talking about the Nintendo DSi and some questions I got...

This is a digital layout that I made this morning for the Sweet Shoppe CT:

[Supplies: Inspired By Peppermint - Bree Clarkson, Another Mandy - Darcy Baldwin, My Sequin Obsession - Eva Kipler, Wild At Heart - Julie Billingsley, Painted Chippy Buttons - Libby Weifenbach (all from SSD)]

We got our Nintendo DS Lite:s traded in and exchanged for DSi:s yesterday evening. Yay! So onto some comments/questions that I got about that:

Sue - thanks for your thoughtful tip of saying "make sure there are no stickers or names on them or they won't trade them". No problem about that (I would never dream of adding stickers etc LOL!). In fact we got huge, huge praise for them! They couldn't believe how good they looked (and we have used them a lot and had them since the day the DS Lite were released in this country), boxes immaculate etc. They guy at the till even said he was going to buy one of ours himself as his dad wanted one - so that was cool :)

Jackie - you asked what I thought about the DSi "and was it worth trading it in". Good question! I'll try my best to answer but please keep in mind that I have only had mine little over 12 hours and most of that time has been night=sleep time. So there might be lots that I have not discovered yet. Okay. Firstly we both had white DS Lite:s and we traded them in for white looks wise it's not a huge difference. You have the camera lens(es) of course and I think the DSi might be a tiny, tiny bit longer (but this is just a feeling I have). The power button is in a new place. The finish of the console is different...while the Lite was shiny this is matte. And the screens are a little brighter and bigger.

I haven't had time to play around with the camera yet so I don't know how good it is. But then again for occasions where you'd really want a camera and you *know* you will take photos, you would probably have brought a digital camera anyway. But you can take photos, create slide shows etc with the DSi. The sound is definitely better and I have read that you can play around with sounds, make recordings etc...and you can also listen to music (AAC files) which you add to an SD card and play via your DSi. Again I have not had the time to try this so I don't know just how good (or not) the sound quality would be for music.

I guess the main thing for the new DSi is the on-line stuff. The access to "DSi Wares" You can buy "points" (you know, similar to iTunes cards from shops etc) which you can buy games with on-line, in the Nintendo shop, with your console. As we logged on we got given 1000 free points. I'm not sure if this is a temporary thing or it will always be the case for new DSi:s. I didn't buy an DSi Wares game with my points as there were not too many available yet but I think this bit will be huge. Also you can download a free browser and surf the net. I have downloaded this but not yet had the chance to try it.

Anyway this is becoming and essay LOL! Hope this gave you a good view of the differences Jackie :)

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