Monday, March 02, 2009

Travel Memories...

We're onto the travel memories (or the "places I have been") part of "Here, There and Everywhere". ie the "there" part. I'm spending today making a list of places...not sure if they will all be included in the album or not yet, but at least if I have a list with some ideas that's a start. Then I hope to start gathering some photos that belong to these trips...though that might have to be a job for tomorrow.

Been playing with some yummy Sassafras stash here. Layout of with photos of my mum when she and dad were on Madeira. Though the layout is titled "Madagascar" - there's a story to it LOL!

I've got some new stash last week which I might take some photos of later. It was coming in two parcels and I'm hoping that the other one might be here any day soon now too :)

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