Friday, March 01, 2013

Copic Bargain...

I'm a happy girl! Got myself a mad Copic bargain earlier in the week which arrived late on Wednesday evening. I swatched them on my chart yesterday and hoping to get some colouring time in later today perhaps...

And why do I call it a bargain...? Copics are not really exactly cheap? Because I got them at HALF price. AND it was a good price to start with ---> £4.80 making them £2.40 each :))) Unfortunately they only had so many colours so I grabbed the ones that I didn't have and was very grateful to be able to add a few more colours to my collection :)

I've made some more cards but I haven't had the time to take photos of them yet, so that is something to come... But that will have to be done another day as I'm starving! Better go and make some lunch!

Have a great weekend :)


Kat said...

Ok, not that I'm going to buy, and bargain is probably over.. But where did you get them??? ;)

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