Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back From Vacation...

We have just returned from spending an amazing 3 weeks in Sweden with my family. We really didn;t want to leave. And we were soooo lucky as we had fantastic weather too. I have never been as tanned in my life - and that was even within one week of being there! I have no idea how that worked LOL!

We had a lot of barbecues while there. And I mean a lot. I lost count after a while. But since we'd only had ONE this summer in the UK, and I love them, I was all for it... :)

We spent time at this amazing beach! Within walking distance. A beach which I have spent time on every year ever since I was born. Lots of nice memories and happiness connected to this place. :)

...and of course we had some ice-cream! From the best place I know. And a total summer tradition not to be missed. Oh and we might have had to go there a second time too before we left for the UK...

Coming near to the end of our Sweden trip, we also made a short trip with an overnight stay at the island of Bornholm (which belongs to Denmark).

Again we were so lucky with the weather for this trip and had an amazing time there. It's such a cosy little island and 2 days were just about perfect to see the most of it.

When we returned from Bornholm we had some more time left over for our beach in Sweden before it was time to get on the plane to the UK (and yes that is really how "busy" this beach is...there are only private roads from the houses near where we are so "tourists" never get to these parts).

...and now being back in the UK, well it feels like the summer is over :( The temperature is several degrees lower and we have seen mostly clouds. I feel like my tan is fading already. It would be nice to get some sunny days before the autumn is here...! :)

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Kat said...

Looks like a fab holiday/visiting family, Anso! I'm jealous, specially as our weather in the UK was absolutely ... well... grey and cold and rainy and all that! :( Just the odd nice day thrown in.

Any layouts planned? ;)