Friday, April 27, 2012


Found out on... Wednesday evening (I think it was) that Tim Holtz' new limited edition Seasonal Distress Inks for Spring are shipping NOW! Excited! :)

Love these colours!Tim Holtz has a great video on his blog showing them off. My favourite? I really don't know. I REALLY love all three shades. However I'm sure I will be using the "Peacock Feathers" most. Despite it being a really pretty yellow and a really pretty lilac, I know these are colours that I would not use as often as teal.

And you know what else is sooooo great? Well the picture above is kinda giving it away (if you didn't know already!)... they are bringing out re-inkers for them too! So re-inkers for the Spring Limited Edition set (yay!), but also re-inkers for the Winter Limited Edition set (double yay!) and the Fall Limited Edition set (triple yay!)

Ordered mine straight away and can't wait for them to arrive :)

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