Friday, March 09, 2012

Excited, Excited, Excited...

Yesterday I was up before 6 in the morning for one single reason. To pre-order the new iPad (3rd gen). The pre-orders technically started the night before but the shop was down for hours and never worked even by the time we went to bed...

And am I glad I got up extra early just for this. Why? Well, we've got them for the launch date of the 16th of March and even just a little later (after we both had placed our orders) they changed the delivery time and it now says a more unspecified "2-3 weeks" for delivery.

At the moment I have a 32 GB iPad 1. Already back then we both decided that it was crazy to upgrade every year (which is the rate Apple seem to update them at the moment) so we said we were not "allowed" to get the iPad 2 but would wait for the 3rd generation. And this was the day when it was finally announced on Tuesday. Soooo exciting! Went for the 64 GB (as I constantly run out of space on my iPad 1) but no 3G (or indeed 4G as it is now) as we have a 3G dongle anyway.

Also I'm pretty sure my current cover won't fit so I per-ordered this Smart cover from Apple too. They have a really cool little video on their site showing how clever the cover is. Do I need to say what colour I went for...? Maybe not, eh? :) If you need a hint... it might be in my profile... or the colour of the text on my blog... or indeed a lot of other things I own LOL!

Bring on next Friday - I'm soooo excited, can't wait! :)

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