Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fun Folded Card...

I love folded cards, cards that are slightly different than usual, but I rarely take time to make them. This time I spotted a cool card by Kristina Werner which I loved so much that I had to make one :)

It's very much a "scraplift"... well, is there a different term for that when it comes to card making? A "cardlift"?!? Does someone know please? Anyway...

I used Kraft card stock and the same butterfly punch as Kristina (since I just happened to have it) but the background and text stamps are totally different to what she used.

I hope the photo above gives you some idea of how it works. It's hard to show in photos. But I think (hope) you get the idea :)

You need two strips of Kraft card stock for this card (which you glue together). Or in my case, you need three, as I scored one of mine in the wrong position at first LOL!

It a square card that folds out to be pretty long and the greeting (made up of several stamps) is stamped in between the butterfly background :)

I'm really glad I took the time to try this - a very fun card indeed :)

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