Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Surprise...

Oh this is weird. I thought I had blogged yesterday and I hadn't... oh well LOL! Not sure how that happened.

(Sorry about the glare on the right side).

My Dad recently had a "big birthday". As a treat he took all of us ("kids", partners, grandkids) to Tenerife for a week. It was a fantastic trip!!! As a surprise one day we sent drinks to Mum & Dad's apartment in the afternoon with a cryptic note to get dressed up and meet us at the hotel gates at 17:00. (The photo is taken by me while we're waiting for them to turn up as we decided to be there 10 mins early at the gates)

In secret we'd sent out a "pre-patrol" (some of us) earlier in the day and found a really nice restaurant which we'd pre-booked and they would also arrange so there were drinks and strawberries for a toast when we arrived. It was such a great evening, so nice to treat Mum & Dad and the food was even more impressive than we could have hoped. A true and perfect birthday surprise!

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