Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 14...

I hope you enjoyed the little links about Lucia yesterday :)

The backside of Day 13 (the little blue page on the left, starting just above the row of gingerbread men) is my journaling about the day, the Lucia celebration and how we all were a little tired after the wedding celebrations (which continued way into the night).

Then we jump to Day 14 (the small page on the right, with the Scenic Route diamonds background paper and the Ali Edwards journaling square). This was mainly a day of (still) being tired, everyone suffering with colds in various stages and lots of travelling on top of that. Not so much "fun" to make a page about, but looking back at some stage later you'll go "ah, yes, do you remember how unwell we all were feeling...etc" all makes up memories, so even "simple" things like that are nice to document every now and then :)

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