Thursday, May 28, 2009


Everyone Can Write A Little...such a great class. I'm really enjoying it. :) Woke up again this morning feeling pretty yucky. So I thought, okay let's try and take it a bit easy. You know, when you don't feel great and don't want to do anything? Well, it didn't make me feel any better. Sometimes I think I'm incapable of doing "nothing" or even relaxing... So I took the other approach: do something that makes you happy, no matter how hard it seems to actually start it.

...and having hunted out some matching cardstock for my ECWAL album, sorted through some Tweets and got the start of some pages printed, I feel a lot better. :) Not physically (my throat still feels like yuck and my nose like a cold is imminent) but it's made me feel happier and in a better mood despite feeling a bit under the weather. Isn't it great how some pretty colours & papers can make you feel? :)

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