Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Progress...

Yay I'm making lots of progress on catching up on the "Design Your Life" class. I have also extended my "free pass", to access the classroom, by another week so I can hopefully get it all done. If you have a class that you have taken and you're behind on it, I can really recommend making an effort to set a little time aside for it and gather some determination to get it done. It's such a great feeling of accomplishment. :)

Jana - thanks for the comment you left. Of course I don't mind at all if you want to take "my idea" of printing all the class materials and making it into a book. :) And yes, getting access to the class again is very simple. Just e-mail BPS and tell them which class it is, give your username and full name and they should have it activated very quickly for you. Mine took less than 24 hours. They give you a 7-day access pass but you can ask to have it extended at the end if you need to (which is what I did yesterday).

This is a really cool layout design (I could imagine doing this concept over and over again in a mini book or similar) for "week 10". Cathy gave us this cool template that she'd made for printing out and basing your page on. It was fun, fun, fun to do from the beginning to the end :) And I love pages where you get to use up your scraps of cardstock and patterned papers - such a good feeling :)

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