Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Photoless Post...

That doesn't happen very often...maybe a few times a year for me. A photoless post. I usually try to include at least one image in my posts but today I'm just scrapped out and just can't find the enthusiasm to find/take a photo, resize it and upload it. So apologies for having a lazy day LOL!

Not that I'm really having a lazy day at all. It's been very busy scrapping wise. I downloaded a few new Lilypad kits early this morning (available to buy tomorrow), tagged them all in ACDSee and then scrapped two layouts. I feel a bit worn out now because I have a tendency to forget to move when I'm on the computer which results in very achy shoulders. Aaah. Anyway the layouts are uploaded in the relevant secret thread at Lilypad and it's just a case of waiting until tomorrow now before I can put them in any "public" place.

I'm going to play with some ideas for my "Here, There and Everywhere" album this afternoon. I have the photos and the general idea of the journaling I want ono my next few pages...I just need to come up with an idea of the design/how to fit it all where I want now. So time to do some thinking...

See you tomorrow :)

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