Sunday, February 15, 2009

Silly Fun...

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day yesterday! :)

I'm just popping in quickly to add a layout I did for the Lilypad Creative Team on Friday. I recently went through some old photos and found a lot of fun ones. This is a "silly" one of my brother, sister and her ex-boyfriend doing funny poses on the golf course. I just couldn't resist scrapping it :)

[Supplies: Paper Petals - Anne deJong, Solids 2 - Anne deJong, Oh Happy Day - CD Muckosky
CU - Inked Edges - Jenna Desai, Wild Flowers - Jenna Desai, Spring Chase - Kaye Winiecki
(all from the Lilypad)]


Paula's ponderings said...

great page! Nothing like a bit of silliness to brighten your day!

Max said...

Silly is good ... but your layout is fab. If I attempted something like that my page would just look boring and plain.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful layout :)