Monday, February 23, 2009

Picking My Album...

We've just finished week 1 of Shimelle's "Here, There and Everywhere" class and this is the week when we start scrapping. I've been thinking about my album now for the last week and know I want to have something a little smaller, but what... I was playing with the thought of a Maya Road 4x6 chipboard book that I had but I think I have changed my mind. One of the problems is that I don't know how many pages I will need/want until I have finished it and then I remembered these:

They are so super cute and totally make me smile. I have them in both colours ( of each). I have saved them for a good project and I think this might be the perfect one. I love the mix of pages...cardstock, transparencies, different edges etc plus the bonus for this class is that they are held together with bookrings so I can remove and add pages as I want :)

My first thought was to go with the green/blue one. No surprise there, hey? :) But just because of that, I think I might just go for the pink one instead. We have just got today's prompt so after typing this I will read it through and make the final decision on which album to use. Maybe I will read something that will affect my decision...

The spread for the 25th/26th of December in my Christmas album is above. A photo of my dad opening a present (we had a delayed Xmas celebration with my sister on the 25th ((24th is when we normally celebrate)) and then a cosy Christmas meal photo below. The 26th features some journaling about the tradition of always been invited to my aunt and uncle that day. Such a nice time, always :)


Jo Austin said...

Hi Anso..

Could you please email me?

thanks hun xx

Jana said...

You are a very bad influence.
I MUST now go get these albums. I was on the fence. And you have gone and pushed me off.
Loving your December Album.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Albums Anso, i like the colors :), your december album is very nice too :)