Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Pages...

Still so many pages left to do for my Christmas Journal LOL! So I better keep going. Here's the next double spread in my book:

...I'm journaling about my early Christmas present (iPod Touch - which I love to bits and which you already will know if you read my blog regularly) and then on the right side if just a daytime photo of the unlit Christmas tree.

I nearly fell off my chair yesterday as I got a comment on a previous post by *the* Cathy Zielske herself. Wow - cool :)

Oh and I nearly forgot. Jana - you asked me about the overlays that I'd used in this post and what they were... Good question... *goes off to hunt on my hard drive* Yay, found it! They are by Anna Aspnes and they are called "Magic Sparkle Photo Frames 01" and "Magic Sparkle Photo Frames 02" (Designer Digitals). Hope that helps :)

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TSR4ever said...

Are these cool stuff for sale?